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Cancer cells are always being created in our bodies. It’s an ongoing process. This is why specific parts of your immune system are designed to seek out and destroy cancer.

Cancer has been around for as long as people, but only in the second half of the last century did the number of cases become so extensive. Contributing to the explosion of a cancer diagnosis is the excessive amounts of toxins and pollutants, high stress lifestyles, poor quality processed and packaged foods, pathogens, electromagnetic stress, and lack of exercise that we are all exposed to. All of these lifestyle and dietary disasters have been shown to weaken the immune system, and can alter the internal environment in the body to promote the growth of cancer.

Cancer is not a mysterious disease that suddenly attacks you out of the blue. Something that you can’t do anything about. It has definite causes that can be corrected, if you take action to change the bodies internal environment to one that creates health, not cancer.

Tumors begin to develop when more cancerous cells evolve than an overworked, depleted immune system can destroy.

Overcoming cancer is a process of reversing the conditions that allowed the cancer to develop, aiding the body to recognize and destroy cancerous cells, along with using compounds that may allow cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death, known as apoptosis.

The exact causes of cancer does not have to be known in each individual, though certainly the more varied the approach taken to correct the dysfunction, the more likely your success will be. What you need to do is to strongly and dramatically interrupt and reverse the cancer-causing conditions in your body so the body becomes healthier, and stops allowing cancerous cells to live undetected by the immune system.

The more cancer there is, the more serious the condition — meaning much more has to be done – and often there is less time to do it in. There is no “cut-off” point as to when treatment will be successful or not. Dr Davies has helped people overcome this condition in all different circumstances at all different stages. Often the only real internal thing needed that cannot be provided is a “desire to live”. People need to overcome the fear associated with a terminal illness and embrace this “desire to live”. This internal feeling cannot come from a loved one pushing you to undergo treatment neither can it come from selfishness.

Dr Davies has put hundreds, if not thousands of hours of research into alternative treatment options for people wishing to prevent or treat specific types of cancer. Although Dr Davies will do a thorough evaluation of conventional blood testing, imaging studies, surgical reports and histopathology reports for clients seeking cancer support and treatment, the philosophy at Westcoast Integrative Health still remains – the body must heal itself. Keeping with this philosophy, our primary goal is to support that healing process through primary cancer treatment options or through supporting our clients undergoing conventional chemotherapy and radiation practices. Although there are certain naturopathic practices that are universal to naturopathic oncology and will likely be recommended during consultation, depending on the specific type and stage of the cancer, the majority of treatment will revolve around the individual and focus largely on lifestyle and dietary support. As Dr Davies uses a functional medicine approach for all his clients, specific testing recommendations will likely be suggested and supported through our integrative cancer treatment approach.

To find out more about personalized onco-genomics please visit this page.

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