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Biotypes of ADD – Walsh

1st February

Dr Walsh’s work with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders is profound. He outlines the clear differences between individuals with ADD and ADHD and the need for specific functional support in these individuals based on his theory of individual biotypes. Once again the outcomes are life changing!

Biotypes, for definition purposes, is a group of organisms with identical or very similar genetic profiling. The term is often used to differentiate bacteria, so it is interesting to see in the context of mental health conditions. Biotyping, in the context of clinical mental health is critical as it allows the physician to individualize treatment based on different subtypes of a health condition using genetic land laboratory based evaluations.

As most physicians inherently know, using the current “Evidence Based” (or sometimes referred to as the “Evidence Biased”) approach to medicine, not everyone fits into the box. …

Biotypes of Depression – Walsh

24th January

I am convinced that Dr William Walsh’s biotypes of depression will become mainstream psychiatry! It’s just a matter of when. But in my humble opinion, this shift can not come soon enough given the often silent suffering of people with depression and anxiety.

The eloquent nature of Dr Walsh’s work is unavoidably effective in the assessment of depression and anxiety, explaining why many people do not respond to conventional medications. According to Dr Walsh only about 38 – 50% of people suffering with depression will respond to conventional Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) and similar, which correlates well to the available research. This, however, in most cases leaves more than half of this population battling major side effects of the medication they are prescribed, with sometimes fatal consequences.

Although the details of yesterdays tragic school shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan are unknown, …

Psychiatric Biotypes of Schizophrenia

16th January

The book Nutrient Power by Dr William Walsh outlines ground breaking work in functional psychiatry. The problem is that he has been publishing his work for the last 30 years … and I only discovered his work within the last year. It really makes me wonder what conventional medicine is waiting for sometimes. According to his research, the positive outcomes he achieved for very sick patients suffering from Schizophrenia was over 90%. And with medication so poorly tolerated by this specific psychiatric population, it makes no sense for “western” medicine not to take a serious look at this work.

Schizophrenia affects roughly 1% of the population, but even with a relatively small prevalence compared to depression,  this condition can have devastating effects on relationships. Suffers tend to have delusions as one of the more common manifestations of the disease, which typically …

Nutrient Power

2nd January

Happy New Year!

Every year, for the first 4 to 6 months, I put myself through a “dietary challenge”  to support my clients with specific health conditions. I figure that if I follow the diets I prescribe I will better be able to troubleshoot issues that arise for people that require the diet for medical reasons. It is also harder for clients that are required to follow the diet to whine at me, when they know that I have adhered to the required diet strategy myself.

In no way are dietary guidelines meant to be cruel, but it has become increasingly clear to me that dietary and lifestyle practices are critical to successful medical outcomes. Compliance to dietary guidelines has also become a reasonable screening tool for me to gauge the commitment level that clients have to get better. I’m certainly not …

Chronic Pain or Anything …

22nd November

The following article on chronic pain is a true testament to the importance of treating holistically. This neurosurgeon, Dr Hanscom, impressively came up with his own chronic pain treatment method after he was struck with the frustrating reality that spinal surgery has very poor outcomes for patients suffering with chronic pain.

I frequently see people in some degree of chronic pain or suffering from chronic diseases which can have detrimental effects on our mental health. Or is it possible that in reality it is our mental health that is affecting our physical health!

Stress has a major effect on every part of our body and has a dramatic impact on our physical health. With my own recent personal experiments, along with recent feed back from people using heart rate variability (HRV) monitors, this technology allows us to have a greater awareness of …

Psychoneuroimmunology Lecture

13th July

Psychoneuroimmunology at Lions Gate Hospital!

Once again I was invited by Dr Chakraborty MD, head of Lions Gate hospitals adult psychiatric outpatient programs, to provide a lecture about what I do as a naturopathic doctor to support people with mental health concerns.

Understanding and providing treatment for people suffering with mental health conditions is a major passion of mine, so it gives me great pleasure to be able to combine two of my passions into one lecture and have people that attend get a free breakfast to boot!

I always try to be on the cutting edge of evidence based medicine, and in this presentation, I have decided to discuss the brand new evidence that makes psychoneuroimmunology an insurmountable and unavoidable area of psychiatry for the future. Combining neuropsychiatry with immunology brings medical understanding of mental health to …


15th June

Have you ever noticed that some people have irritating habits that they may not even be aware of?

Although, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and pride myself on intent listening and critical thinking skills, I cannot help but wonder about how some people may feel defined by their chronic health conditions. Is it possible that certain habits, such as addictions, lack of exercise, poor hygiene, specific dietary patterns or excessive caffeine use, may be contributing to certain chronic health condition and if only the person was willing to change their behaviour they may be able to overcome their dis-ease? Is it also possible though that other, more subtle habits, such as negative thinking, worry or anger, among other factors might be contributing to illness? On the opposite side of the coin, I am constantly amazed by the unrelenting dedication …

Monitoring Disappointment

4th May

If you have ever interacted with another human being, it is very likely that you have experienced feelings of disappointment. These feelings are a killer for many people and I strongly believe, with the support of a lot of epidemiological research, that grief or stress is likely one of the strongest contributing factors to chronic disease.  Fear not though … as this is not a story all about grief and misery but one of hope and encouragement, in the end providing details about how to take control of your stress!

A short bit of personal misery to start ….

Recently, I have experienced a series of events that could have resulted in major life stress for some, but have been little more than an annoyance for me as I believe I have found several secrets to stress management that I have learned …

The Infection Connection

19th January

It has never been more clear! The connection between our mental health and physical health is finally hitting the mainstream media. This globe and mail article outlines a case of PANDAS that if untreated can result in mind altering consequences. But as the article also suggests, the infection connection can go way beyond PANDAS. And while studies are being published on a regular basis, outlining the mind-body connection, conventional medicine has been slow to catch on …. until now?

The biggest challenge that conventional medicine will face comes right from the roots of medical education. The reductionist model. Although logically every physician knows that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, in training to become a doctor, memorizing vast amounts of physiology, the information is taught based on a reductionist model. For some reason it is really hard …

Mental Health Presentation

17th November

As some of you may know, I was invited to give a 1 hour mental health presentation on “A Functional Approach to Common Mental Health Conditions” by the head of psychiatry at Lions Gate Hospital. This was a part of Dr. Chakraborty’s Public Outreach Education Series, which as I found out on the day of the event, is actually open to patients as well as organizations and mental health care workers.

Dr Apu Chakraborty recently took over as director of Adult Community Mental Health Services at Lions Gate and may I say, what a breath of fresh air he is! Trained in England, Dr. Chakraborty brings a wealth of experience to his clients. He is clearly passionate about what he does, and has a great mandate in terms of his focus. Patients come first.

During the few hours I spent up at Lions …

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