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Mind Alive Conference

20th October

This Saturday I will be speaking at the Mind Alive Conference on a topic that I am very passionate about, “The Functional Medicine Approach to Mental Health”.

This conference is a one day event dedicated to natural approaches for common mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar and schizophrenia.

My topic will focus on the individualized treatment of mental health conditions using functional medicine testing and treatment. Functional medicine is, in all certainty, the future of all disease treatment and management. As computer systems and cheaper functional testing become more readily available, not only will we be able to better locate systems in our bodies that need attention, we will likely be able to treat them without even taking a pill! It will be sooner than later that drugs are no longer the focus of our health care system for people …

Inflammation, Anxiety and Depression

21st April

I could have written the following article myself, or should I say … I wish that I had. At the very least I could say that I discuss all of the aspects that are outlined by Dr Kelly Brogan MD in the treatment of my clients suffering from chronic health concerns, including mental health challenges.

Several months back, I was involved with “Talk at the Top“, an event to break down social stigma around mental health. This amazing event was hosted by Grouse Mountain, with a central message of encouraging people to talk about their mental health concerns! I could not agree more. Suffering with mental health issues in silence would be horrible and we need to encourage people that we love to open up and share with family, friends, neighbours or strangers.

In preparing for my lecture, I estimated that a …

Cognitive Issues?

3rd March

Although my primary focus in medicine is orthomolecular with a functional approach to clinical practice, all of my clients are recommended to support their health with primary simple lifestyle interventions. These recommendations will range from specific dietary guidelines to simple physical activities centred around diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

Breathing exercises are one of the most powerful things that people can do to support their health. These exercises are easy to learn and highly effective for treating chronic or acute stress, heart problems, including high blood pressure, digestive issues, immune system deficiencies and mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

One of the areas that I touch on with all of my clients is the idea of mindfulness. Mindfulness is nothing new age or weird, but simply the practice of being aware of ones body. This is not to say that …

Let’s Talk – Mental Health Awareness

27th January

Yesterday I spent the day with an amazing group of youth (ages 12 to 18) at the 2nd annual “Talk at the Top” youth mental health awareness summit. The summit was held on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver BC.

The day started off with a program of empowering young people that have experienced metal health challenges first hand and where brave enough to seek the help they needed. One of the speakers (seen in this TED talk – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3yqXeLJ0Kg) gave an amazing account of suicidal ideation and depression that almost resulted in him taking his own life at the age of seventeen. It was very powerful.

The focus of the summit was to promote awareness of mental health concerns by breaking down the social stigma through the encouragement of open discussion about emotions and feelings with friends, loved ones, counsellors, physicians or …

Walking Irregularities are a Sign of Cognitive Decline?

26th November

Posted on Medscape 2012 by Caroline Cassels

July 15, 2012 (Vancouver, British Columbia) — Gait disturbances — including slowing of walking pace or variations in stride — may be an indicator of cognitive decline, new research suggests.

Four new studies presented here at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2012, suggest that observing and evaluating gait in older patients may be a valuable tool when trying to determine the need for further cognitive evaluation.

In the first study, investigators from the Basel Mobility Center in Basel, Switzerland, showed that gait speed slowed and became more variable as cognitive decline progressed.

“Small changes in variability, not visible to the naked eye, can be measured, and those small changes can have a heavy clinical impact,” principal investigator Stephanie A. Bridenbaugh, MD, from the Basel Mobility Center, told reporters attending a press briefing.

Increased gait variability, she added, …

Negative Emotions Increase Feelings of Pain and Itching

19th November

Posted on 08/09/2012 by Emma Hitt, PhD Medscape 2012

Clinical Context

Symptoms characteristic of many skin diseases include itch and pain. Some experts have suggested that negative emotions may be involved in the perception of itch and pain. However, previous experimental studies of the role of emotions on sensory perception have only investigated the effects on pain and not on itch.

The goal of this study by van Laarhoven and colleagues was to assess the effects of negative and positive emotions on sensitivity to itch as well as to pain. The hypothesis tested by this study was that the levels of itch and pain evoked by somatosensory stimuli and the perceived unpleasantness would be higher in association with negative emotions vs positive emotions.

Study Synopsis and Perspective

Feelings associated with itch and pain become more intense in women induced to feel negative rather than positive emotions, …

A Little Mindfulness for the Canada Long Weekend

2nd July

Eight weeks of mindfulness meditation can rewire the brain and control depression symptoms

by: J. D. Heyes

Original post @ http://www.naturalnews.com/036313_meditation_depression_brain_function.html

Is it possible to sort of “rewire” your brain so you can better control imposing symptoms of depression and angst? The short answer, according to recent new research, is yes, and it all it takes in large part is some “mindfulness meditation.”

According to a study which appeared more than a year-and-a-half ago, in the January 2011 journal of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, a team led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers reported that an eight-week program called mindfulness meditation was able to make measurable changes in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress.

The study is the first to document meditation-created changes to the brain.

“Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical …

SAD? – Consider a unique treatment experience

Now is the time of year when people can notice a drop in their mood. We tend to loss the skip in our step and our “joi de vivé” can get a little upset by the darkness of our northern days.  The holidays are over and although people tend to be more conscious about their health it can be hard to get on track when moods are low. If you are just feeling like you cannot get on track with your resolutions or health goals and need a boost, consider a solar zap with our “REFRESH” full spectrum lights. The refresh light system uses full spectrum light that has been clinically tested to elevate mood in as little as 5 minutes. It will boost your vitamin D levels and help the pineal gland produce more serotonin in minutes. It’s like …

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