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Functional Medicine – Anxiety and Depression

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10th February

There is nothing typical about having serious anxiety or debilitating depression, except sometimes the treatment that is offered. The standard characters include cipralex, celexa, zoloft, effexor, prozac, luvox, paxil and now pristiq. It is also important to note that a lot of the time these pharmaceuticals seem to really help the people that use them. In fact they help about 40% of the time and they are some of the best selling drugs on the market. But when medication is required to help someone feel better, the point of this post is certainly not to shame the use of medication but to help create awareness of a new functional medicine approach to choosing medication that can help avoid a lot of headaches. Literally!

You see what is sometimes unknown is that, when you start a typical medication for anxiety and/or depression …

Self Guided Functional Medicine

25th January

We are all busy … and recently it has come to my attention, more than ever, that trying to explain the importance of lab testing to clients is tough. Not everyone has a medical degree, 5000 plus patient experience and has spent 22 years learning how to treat chronic health conditions.

Patients often find the information overwhelming and feel that the expense of certain tests hinders their ability to find out what is wrong with them. This is compounded by the conventional medical model, of Name It, Blame It and Tame It. Which is a basic reductionist approach, using pharmaceuticals to treat named conditions with known causes.  But the reality could not be further from the truth and the irony is that in most medical conditions, from a conventional prospective, we do not even know the causes of most diseases. And …

When is Eating a Disorder?

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14th January

Disordered eating is one of those surprisingly common conditions that most people do not like to think about. The fact is that up to 40% of our young women, and a growing percentage of men, suffer from some form of distorted body image and have a belief that they are overweight, while up to 1.5 % have a diagnosable form of eating disorder. Although breaking down stigma and seeking simple measures of help for these sensitive populations is partly the reason for this article, the main rational for writing this piece is in an effort to help people that suffer with food addictive behaviours far beyond their adolescent years.

Although much of our food and body image related feelings and behaviours start in adolescence, the true nature of disordered eating goes way beyond the woes of teenagedhood. Many, many people are …

Tony Robbins Anyone?

30th December

Everyone needs a little Tony Robins in their life, don’t they?

On the eve of New Years Eve, after eating to my hearts content and visiting family and friends for the last week, once again I find myself reminiscing about the past years events. It’s been a busy year for me but has it been productive?

If productive means constructive then I guess I am a winner, because I constructed a house and I am pretty proud of myself for this accomplishment. Building my own house has been a life long dream, but it came at a cost to my personal and professional life. I lost quite a bit of time in the office, but also quality time with my wife, and as the project winds down I find myself somewhat unsettled, needing to get back into my previous routines.

If productive means …

Homesteading the Sunshine Coast – Permaculture

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16th November

Have you been to the grocery store lately? My gosh has “healthy food” gotten expensive. I recall when I was a medical student vegi/pescetarian and had absolutely NO resources (money) how I was able to eat very healthfully on a very limited budget. That was only 13 years ago and at that time I used to budget my food based on the cost of a standard plastic bag of groceries. I recall the standard was about $20 to 30 per overfilled bag! Nowadays it seems like a standard overfilled bag of groceries is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $60 to 80. That’s almost triple the price and makes me wonder how people can afford to eat well. It also makes me realize how the restaurant industries thrive in urban environments … I hate to say it and still avoid it …

Homesteading …. Hydrology 101

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3rd November

Growing healthy plants requires 2 things …. good soil and lots of water. So once our future building site was cleared and rough trails and roadways laid out, we hired an amazing permaculturalist named Kim Chi to help us set out a plan for cultivating our property.

Farming on sloped property like ours does pose some challenges but also has a lot of benefits. The most critical benefit we have on sloped property is the use of gravity to help nurture our gardens, which requires less active watering, allowing us to spend more time creating plants versus caring for them. In order to do this, we had to learn and manage the “hydrology” of our property.

Hydrology is the scientific study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water on Earth (or our property in this case), including the …

Homesteading …. the ground work

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29th October

Clearing land is not only hard work but also spiritually draining. Even operating a chainsaw is something that I will admit is exciting but also dangerous, stinky and destructive. Not to be negative, as this was a critical part of the overall plan, 2014/2015 was a tough, albeit mild, winter. It is also noteworthy to mention that although I had to tear down, sort and stack roughly 160 trees, we also saved and planted hundreds of baby trees that were nestle amongst the fir, alder, wild cherry, cedar and hemlock that covered our property. It is also worth mentioning that we only cleared roughly 2 acres of the 5 acres that we live on!

In order to do all this, I purchased an excavator, which still to this day I find to be a wondrous piece of equipment! Without …

I survived …. Homesteading the Sunshine Coast

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27th October

I’m not sure if you knew but for the last 18 months I have been building a house with my amazing wife Emily. And when I say building I mean holding the hammer the whole way through. Wow! Where to begin …

When Emily and I decided to move to the sunshine coast 3 years ago I had no idea where this adventure would take us. We spent a year there, while I commuted back and forth 5 days per week to my naturopathic practice in North Vancouver. Although the commute that first year was tough I met many other incredible people that sacrificed a lot of time to provide a different quality of life for their families. These include, engineers, artists, construction workers, mechanics, investment bankers and many more.

For those who have never ventured out this way, …

“Best of Vancouver” – 2016

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25th September

Thank you to all who voted for us.

Biotypes of ADD – Walsh

1st February

Dr Walsh’s work with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders is profound. He outlines the clear differences between individuals with ADD and ADHD and the need for specific functional support in these individuals based on his theory of individual biotypes. Once again the outcomes are life changing!

Biotypes, for definition purposes, is a group of organisms with identical or very similar genetic profiling. The term is often used to differentiate bacteria, so it is interesting to see in the context of mental health conditions. Biotyping, in the context of clinical mental health is critical as it allows the physician to individualize treatment based on different subtypes of a health condition using genetic land laboratory based evaluations.

As most physicians inherently know, using the current “Evidence Based” (or sometimes referred to as the “Evidence Biased”) approach to medicine, not everyone fits into the box. …

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Self Guided Functional Medicine

We are all busy … and recently it has come to my attention, more than ever, that trying to explain the importance of lab...

When is Eating a Disorder?

Disordered eating is one of those surprisingly common conditions that most people do not like to think about. The fact is that up to...

Tony Robbins Anyone?

Everyone needs a little Tony Robins in their life, don’t they?

On the eve of New Years Eve, after eating to my hearts content and...