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Skin Cancer

31st October

This is no small feet! A nutritional intervention performing this well in phase 3 clinical cancer trials deserves some recognition.

Second to Magnesium, Vitamin B3 is my favorite nutraceutical, treating anything and everything from acne to anxiety. This clinical trial shows the amazing benefits of nicotinamide on the prevention of squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas.

Although these types of skin cancers are not deadly, they certainly plague people in places that are not desirable. Squamous cell and basal cell cancers typically occur where sun exposure is the greatest …. right on the face!

At the clinic we use the cryoprobe (high pressure liquid nitrogen) to remove these lesions from peoples sensitive areas. The problem is, as many people that battle squamous cell or basal cell carcinomas know, the recurrence rates for these skin lesions are huge.

Nicotinamide seems to offer the prevention that …

Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG)

24th October

Cancer support and treatment is not only a focus of mine but a true passion, and recently there is a clear shift in the medical thinking around this devastating disease that I think needs to be addressed.

Perhaps some of you have heard about POG (not to be confused with the cute, but respiratorily challenged animal). POG stands for the Personalized Onco-Genomics program, which is a specialized program currently being offered through private funding at the BC Cancer Agency.

This program is truly amazing in that it uses genetic testing and treatment specific approaches to cancer. What this essentially means is rather than being on a conventional toxic chemical cocktail to treat cancer, people may be prescribed drugs that actually where designed to lower blood pressure, or treat diabetes, which effectively can eliminate cancer in the body.

If you don’t believe me … …

Is SIBO cool?

12th October

SIBO is short for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and recently considered to be the major cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and correlated to a host of other health conditions.

SIBO can wreck havoc on the gastrointestinal system, leading to localized symptoms of bloating, gas, burping, constipation or diarrhea, indigestion/heartburn, nausea, and cramping among many other uncomfortable stomach related concerns. The affects of SIBO can also impact our health in other ways, such as chronic fatigue, muscle aches, fibromyalgia, “brain fog”, breathing disturbances and bad breath, to name a few.

Healthy bacteria, when they overgrow, can affect our bodies by producing hydrogen (H+) and methane (CH4) gas. These gases lead to the localized stomach symptoms people experience with SIBO but also cause the systemic symptoms by creating toxicity for the liver, as well as hyperacidity in the body. And the biggest problem …

Homesteading 101

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31st August

Two years ago Emily and I decided to move to the Sunshine Coast, almost on a whim. She was able to get a job as a school counsellor on the Coast, while I decided to become a daily commuter. Although I knew the hours would be long, I make good use of my commuting time researching and responding to my client emails. Our main reason for moving though was a sense of longing for a quieter and more peaceful life away from the city. The Sunshine Coast is great for that as you are close enough to the city but too far for most people to want to live full time.

Last December we decided to go “all in” and sold our place in North Vancouver. We purchased 5 acres of densely forested property on the upper side of the Sunshine …

Psychoneuroimmunology Lecture

13th July

Psychoneuroimmunology at Lions Gate Hospital!

Once again I was invited by Dr Chakraborty MD, head of Lions Gate hospitals adult psychiatric outpatient programs, to provide a lecture about what I do as a naturopathic doctor to support people with mental health concerns.

Understanding and providing treatment for people suffering with mental health conditions is a major passion of mine, so it gives me great pleasure to be able to combine two of my passions into one lecture and have people that attend get a free breakfast to boot!

I always try to be on the cutting edge of evidence based medicine, and in this presentation, I have decided to discuss the brand new evidence that makes psychoneuroimmunology an insurmountable and unavoidable area of psychiatry for the future. Combining neuropsychiatry with immunology brings medical understanding of mental health to …


15th June

Have you ever noticed that some people have irritating habits that they may not even be aware of?

Although, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and pride myself on intent listening and critical thinking skills, I cannot help but wonder about how some people may feel defined by their chronic health conditions. Is it possible that certain habits, such as addictions, lack of exercise, poor hygiene, specific dietary patterns or excessive caffeine use, may be contributing to certain chronic health condition and if only the person was willing to change their behaviour they may be able to overcome their dis-ease? Is it also possible though that other, more subtle habits, such as negative thinking, worry or anger, among other factors might be contributing to illness? On the opposite side of the coin, I am constantly amazed by the unrelenting dedication …

Monitoring Disappointment

4th May

If you have ever interacted with another human being, it is very likely that you have experienced feelings of disappointment. These feelings are a killer for many people and I strongly believe, with the support of a lot of epidemiological research, that grief or stress is likely one of the strongest contributing factors to chronic disease.  Fear not though … as this is not a story all about grief and misery but one of hope and encouragement, in the end providing details about how to take control of your stress!

A short bit of personal misery to start ….

Recently, I have experienced a series of events that could have resulted in major life stress for some, but have been little more than an annoyance for me as I believe I have found several secrets to stress management that I have learned …

Fungus and Cancer

16th February

Medical research has linked fungus and cancer for many decades. With the origins of metabolic cancer research from Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg to the Pleomorphic observations of Dr Günther Enderlein. More recently, Italian oncologist Dr Tullio Simonicini was ostracized for his work curing terminal cancer patients by treating them for localized and systemic fungal infections. And one of my personal hero’s in the field of oncology, Dr Thomas Seyfried, eloquently outlined the fermentative nature of the cancer cell and the dependance on sugar and amino acids (protein).

Recently, I came across this article posted on Medscape, a fairly conservative medical news site, about resistant candida infections in people with cancer. The article does not go into detail about the hypothesized cause of these fungal infections, only outlining a few potential associations. However, the scary thing is the degree of resistance and …

Dr D’s Functional Medicine Review

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2nd February

I’ve just received the results of my NutrEval testing from Genova Diagnostics. For a mere $1200 CAN ($1000 USD) the NutrEval is considered to be one of the gold standard Functional Medicine tests available. It pretty much measures everything.

Although the price tag on this test is high, I must say the report is actually very thorough and clearly outlines nutritional deficiencies through both direct and indirect measurement of blood and urine.

From nutrients to heavy metals, this test pretty much provides it all. And although I still like the CardioION profile from the former Metametrix Laboratory better, the NurtEval is a decent runner up and offers similar information.

Anyways, what really prompted me to do this was what happened to me after my Ketogenic diet ended in June of 2014. I was surprised at how nutritionally depleted I became. Some of you …

Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

26th January

Being a bit of a tech geek …. this is the last thing that I really want to be talking about, but some recent research and media have made the issue unavoidable when it comes to good preventative health measures. Electromagnetics from wireless, cellphones, cordless phones and high voltage electrical circuitry are clearly bad for some people.

Several years ago I was asked to research a problem that came up on Saltspring Island (where I am originally from), when BC Hydro decided to upgrade the hydro lines that feed power to Naniamo from the mainland. Friends of my family, with 2 young girls, lived directly under the lines and they where worried about the health impacts of increasing the voltage 20 fold through the upgrades that BC Hydro was planning.

I scoured the medical literature for them, at that time, and could find …

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