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Heavy Metal Urine Testing

Heavy metal analysis is often an essential service for evaluation of chronic disease states and prevention of chronic disease. Heavy metal toxicity has been associated with all types of degenerative disease including chronic fatigue; depression; poor memory and cognitive dysfunction; emotional instability; peripheral numbness or tingling; decreased senses of touch, hearing or vision; hypersensitivity and allergies; persistent infections including chronic yeast overgrowth; compromised immune function; cardiovascular disease fatigue; loss of appetite; headaches; poor memory; inability to concentrate; ADD/ADHD; aberrant behavior; decreased coordination; irritability; pain in abdomen, bones and muscles; gout; anemia; hypertension; fatigue; muscle and joint pain/ osteomalacia; anemia; lumbar pain; atherosclerosis; kidney damage with associated urinary loss of essential minerals, amino acids and protein; malaise; muscle weakness; eczema; dermatitis; increased salivation and strong “garlic breath”. All urine testing is preformed by Doctors Data Inc.

Fee: $170.00 (post-provocation toxic metal analysis)


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