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In-Office Laboratory Testing


A standard urine test is preformed to check for the presence of substances such as protein, ketones, blood, sugar, and nitrates in the urine to evaluate overall kidney function and for the presence of infection. This testing also provides information on the individuals eating habits in some cases.

Indican Test

The level of indican is an index of the efficiency of protein digestion. The indican scale measures the presence of indol, a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria and fungus on the amino acid tryptophan. Insufficient hydrochloric acid production, insufficient digestive enzymes, adverse food reactions, parasitic and fungal infections, overgrowth of bacteria that metabolize specific proteins, hypermotility (rapid movement) of the small intestine, increase the levels of indican in your urine.

Koenisburg Test

The Koenisburg test is a urinary test for adrenal insufficiency. The procedure assesses for urinary chloride and gives an indirect measurement of sodium excretion. The goal is to assess sub-clinical stages of low or excess adrenal function. Low energy, recurrent infections, fibromyalgia and many other conditions can have this relation.

Sulkowitch test

The Sulkowich test is a urinary test for excess calcium excretion. People concerned about bone or teeth weakness, people with high blood pressure, those with osteoporosis or who are concerned about low bone density, people with insomnia, brittle nails, frequent twitches around the eyes or leg cramps, heart palpitations, or dry mouth, as well as people that are already taking calcium supplements and wish to see if they are absorbing their supplement or on the correct dosage, or people with low energy and those with chronic illness or stress may benefit from this test.

Zinc Tally Test

The zinc tally test is an oral test to determine the bodies zinc status. Zinc is required for many essential physiological functions from cell division to immune function, and has been found to be low in most of the western population. This test is preformed by oral administration of a harmless zinc solution for 30 seconds and a subjective evaluation from the test subject.

Saliva pH

A static measurement of saliva pH provides insight into the bodies acid-base balance and how it relates to disease.

Fee: $50.00 (Pregnancy Testing extra)


Pregnancy testing may also be performed at any time it is required.


Blood Plasma pH


According to the work of Dr. Rudolf A. Wiley, blood plasma may be used to determine an individualized metabolic dietary program specific to you! Blood is drawn in the office and put into a centrifuge to fractionate the plasma. Specialized pH testing equipment is used to test the plasma pH, allowing the person to be placed onto a specific diet (biobalance guidelines) which has been shown to improve mental, emotional and physical aspects of health.


Fee: $20.00




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