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Initial Naturopathic Visit


In British Columbia, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) currently only covers a portion of naturopathic visits for individuals with low income. Many extended health plans will provide naturopathic coverage, however initially clients are responsible for the payment of all professional fees. It is the responsibility of the person to submit their receipts to their private insurance plan for reimbursement. People are encouraged to request that their insurance policy include coverage for all naturopathic services.

Fee: $200.00 for our first 60 minute appointment in North Vancouver
and $180.00 for our initial visit in Gibsons, BC

Our Philosophy

The ultimate goal of all medicine must be to enable people to better take care of themselves. After all, the word “doctor” is derived from the Latin word meaning “to teach.” At Westcoast Integrative Health, instead of simply treating or suppressing a patient’s symptoms, Dr. Davies focuses on the cause of illness. The cause of chronic disease may be very complex and take some time to resolve or it may be simple and require little effort for the individual. People visiting Dr. Davies will discuss the importance of lifestyle in the process of disease treatment and prevention. Lifestyle interventions often need to be individualized to suit a persons personal belief, functional requirements, genetics and socioeconomic background.

Dr Davies primarily practices functional medicine to address the biochemical needs of his clients. Just as we are all unique, the nutrient demands in our bodies can certainly be the same. And like maintenance on your car or home, testing should be done to help determine your health status and needs. This is why it is imperative to bring copies of all our your recent blood tests to your first office visit.

Treatment can also include natural supplements (vitamins and minerals) to strengthen the body. These orthomolecular treatments help to support and stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Pharmaceutical interventions, when needed, may also help control the chronic disease process while the body is healing. Hormonal imbalances may also be involved in the disease process and access to hormonal support through natural pharmaceutical interventions can help to restore balance to the body in a more timely fashion for specific cases.

The First Visit

After submitting the intake package provided, Dr. Davies will take a history of all of the individuals health concerns. Using referenced materials, Dr D will review the best treatment choices and prescribe lifestyle modifications along with orthomolecular nutraceutical and/or pharmaceutical treatments to support the weakened body systems. An explanation of the recommended lifestyle modifications and dietary guidelines will be discussed during this visit, however further support is available to clients that find these suggestions challenging.

Dr. Davies may also recommend food sensitivity or allergy testing, live cell blood analysis using darkfield microscopy, stool testing, organic acid testing, hormone testing or genetic testing. These tests and services may be provided as part of the initial evaluation or may be suggested for future appointments. All of these tests are designed to better address the individuals needs.

Although, people are encouraged to consider the additional services offered by Dr Davies these services are not required. Food sensitivity testing or blood allergy testing are, however, highly recommended during the initial visit to address most health concerns.

Finally and most importantly, regular blood testing is an essential part of the evaluation process. For this reason it is imperative to bring all laboratory testing previously done by your doctor.

More testing will likely be encouraged during your visit however, in order to help keep evaluation costs low further blood test recommendation may be requested to be done by your medical doctor. Although all blood testing services available through Lifelabs can be requisitioned privately by Dr Davies, these services will not be covered by MSP and must be paid for by the client.


Suggested Laboratory Testing for Your Initial Visit

Fasting blood insulinAmylaseGlobulin

*Uric Acid




Direct Bilirubin

Indirect Bilirubin

Serum Copper


Total IgG, IgE, IgM, IgA


*CBC + Differentials*Total Protein*Albumin

*Blood Urea Nitrogen


(K+ Na+ Cl- HCO3- Mg2+ Zn2+ Ca2+)



*Fasting blood Sugar


*Total Bilirubin


*Alk Phos


*Cholesterol Panel


25-hydroxyvitamin D1,25-hydroxyvitamin DFree and total T3 and T4

*Cortisol (AM/PM)





Vitamin B12


Menstruating Females OnlyProgesterone (Day 21)Estrogen (Day 3)FSH (Day 3)

 * Very important




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