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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Darkfield Microscopy is a method used to examine living blood cells with a specially adapted, high-powered microscope. Once the individual’s blood specimen is in place, the dark-field microscope’s high magnification projects a vivid image onto a monitor where both the practitioner and patient can easily see the health state of different blood cells, bacteria and other microorganisms. Using this method to observe living blood in detail reveals important information such as, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, excessive fat circulation, liver weakness, and arteriosclerosis, among a host of other health harming scenarios. Live blood analysis can also reveal poor blood/oxygen circulation , cell damage, fatigue, yeast/bacterial infections, parasite infestation, uric acid crystallization, iron deficiency, essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, allergies, dehydration and liver toxicity.

Fee: $60.00 (additional 20 minute appointment – Colour pictures will be provided for your records)

Dried Blood Analysis

The HLB blood analysis was devised to observe free radical activity in the blood. Free radicals are highly destructive substances that, in large quantities, contribute to all disease processes. The HLB or dried blood analysis is used to evaluate the level of oxidative stress in the body and as a marker for treatment success.

Fee: $15.00 (Colour pictures will be provided for your records)

Please note: Unless specifically requested, live blood analysis and dried blood analysis will be preformed together.


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