Dr Brian Davies ND BSc  

P: 778-340-1114 - F: 778-340-7702 - Unit 102 – 88 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E6


1710734 Click to report rating  2/10/12 5 5 5 Dr. Davies is an amazing Naturalpathic Doctor. He knows so much about the human body and how we act/react to foods and life. Without even telling him everything about myself he know most of the symptoms and my habits just from hearing a few key things. He really listens and take the time to help. My entire family is seeing him now and I feel much more in control of our health. 
1478731 Click to report rating  7/4/11 5 5 5 I suffer from RA & have been seeing Dr.Davies for over 2 yrs. I am VERY high functioning without the nasty drugs that I was urged to take by the specialist. I am controlling my illness with diet exercise & moderate supplement use. I would not be where I am today without Brian & my wonderful physio. I also have sent amy friends & family to visit him with positive results for all that followed his advice. I can’t imagine anyone having a negative comment. He’s the BEST!! 
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1470339 Click to report rating  6/22/11 5 5 5 Great clinic and doctor! I highly recommend Dr. Davies as he has helped me tremendously in the past several months with my digestion, skin and hormones. Not only is he caring and down to earth but he is incredibly knowledgeable and always tries his best to keep costs to a minimum while still ensuring quality care. Thanks Dr.D! 
1442042 Click to report rating  5/16/11 5 5 5 Dr Davies is a caring and friendly person. He is a good listener and takes care in explaining your condition and treatment options. Highly recommended. 
1259924 Click to report rating  9/27/10 5 4 5 Very friendly and caring doctor. Have recommended him to my co-workers and friends. 
1195376 Click to report rating  6/23/10 5 5 5 Dr. Davies is great. I have most of my family going to him now too. My blood work (cholesterol, glucose levels,triglycerides etc.) showed dramatic improvements after following his advice. 
 5/17/10 5 5 5 Great Doc. Thank you! Very understanding and compassionate about the cause of disease and the persons health objectives. 
1109988 Click to report rating  2/19/10 5 5 5 Dr. Davies is an amazing doctor. On my first visit I sat in his office for one and a half hour. He listed attentively and offered some very interesting suggestions and possibilities. For the first time in 15 years I felt listened to..and supported. He had more knowledge about my condition than any other doctor including the specialists I’ve seen.. I appreciate his warm and caring personality. I am very excited to have found him and trust that he will help me get better. I highly recommend him. 
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968273 Click to report rating  8/20/09 5 5 5 Brian Davies is the quintessential naturopath: he’s always happy to share his (extensive!) knowledge, and his warm, gregarious personality always makes it a pleasure to see him. He offers a great deal of treatments and is always happy to try the least expensive one first, if your budget requires it. His success rate is admirable. He loves his toys, and excitedly invited my wife to his office one day for a free treatment with his brand new cold laser. Dr. Davies, Emily, and Amber, thanks for everything! 

Written testimonial from Andrew Wilkie

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