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Tony Robbins Anyone?

Posted on 30th December, by Westcoast Integrative Health in From the blog, General Health, News. Comments Off

Tony Robbins Anyone?

Everyone needs a little Tony Robins in their life, don’t they?

On the eve of New Years Eve, after eating to my hearts content and visiting family and friends for the last week, once again I find myself reminiscing about the past years events. It’s been a busy year for me but has it been productive?

If productive means constructive then I guess I am a winner, because I constructed a house and I am pretty proud of myself for this accomplishment. Building my own house has been a life long dream, but it came at a cost to my personal and professional life. I lost quite a bit of time in the office, but also quality time with my wife, and as the project winds down I find myself somewhat unsettled, needing to get back into my previous routines.

If productive means personal growth, then I would say this year has not been as ideal. My eating habits, exercise regimes and mindfulness practice have been all over the map. And although I always seem to find time for professional development, once again my personal relationships have definitely been neglected.

So to the point.

Not that I ever do this … Firstly I was on a PC, which is rare in itself and secondly I was using windows explorer which is downright shameful but I actually clicked on an article called  … David Goggins  – How to Become the Toughest Man Alive … Not that I envision myself to ever become the toughest man alive, but simply because it looked motivating at that moment. So … obviously the article is about David Goggins …. all American, military, extreme athlete, nothing that I am super into, but you could tell the writer was fascinated with his subject. The article outlines 6 “Lessons” that David uses to do incredible things and if you can read through the macho theme, there is some good messages, like “Purpose Trumps Motivation” and “The 40% Rule”.

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a core belief that we are capable of doing anything, it’s just a matter of wanting it. I have seen many of my clients do the impossible and cure themselves of completely incurable conditions, like cancer and autoimmune disease. This is not only the result of the testing that we do and the treatment course we choose to follow, but often times this comes from something deeper.

Most of the time when I start on a health journey with a client,  you can see the motivation they have to become well. Often it comes from something in their lives that has changed, like a grandson or a new relationship, or sometimes just being sick and tired of being sick and tired. And although I find New Years resolutions to be a bit of a cliche … it still makes me think.


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